"I Ain’t Got No Spare" is a multidisciplinary performance by Chris Ryan Williams & Laura Sofía Pérez that explores themes of the Black experience and the ephemerality of Black agency using Los Angeles as a case study. Inspired by Charles Burnett’s film "Killer of Sheep," the performance adopts elements from the film and references the L.A. Rebellion and the black experimental music scene that emerged around the work of Horace Tapscott between the late 1960’s and the 1980’s. The performance includes original compositions by Chris Ryan Williams, video projections by Laura Sofía Pérez, sound design by Davy Sumner, and spoken word by the ensemble’s vocalists. The musical ensemble includes Chris Ryan Williams (trumpet/compositions), Kozue Matsumoto (koto), Ben Finley (bass), Dwight Trible (vocals), and Keane Nwede (vocals). The piece was performed at Clockshop, Los Angeles in March 16, 2019 and it is being expanded for theatre.

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